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WTVB Interview - Perennial Landscape Co.
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Landscaping is our primary focus and passion. Whether you are looking to just remove an old dying plant and replace it, or all the way up to a full rip out, design, and make over, we do it all. We really value the customers needs and wants and will transform their property into whatever style and function suits them the best. If you are looking for a sharp modern look, a more natural rustic look, or a combination of both, it's achievable. 


Our Story

      We began landscaping in Seattle Washington in 2006 and fell in love with it. Being outdoors enthusiasts and in love with nature it was an easy choice of fields to get into.  The Idea that we can use our imaginations to create a scene and environment that will make someone happy and smile every time they pull up to their home, or walk through their yard makes us happy. After all, its the gateway to your home before you enter the door. Whether it is pruning a Japanese maple, building a retaining wall and patio, or sprucing up an existing landscape, we find the work very rewarding. Although Seattle offers a bounty of landscaping opportunities the one thing that it didn’t have for us was our family. And so after many years of the big city, we both eventually made our way back to our home town of Colwater MI to raise our kids around the rest of there family. We have had this dream of owning our own landscaping company for many of years now and because of the encouragement our wives, friends, and family, Perennial Landscaping Co. was born in the spring of 2018.

       In our time in Seattle we were blessed to have come across one of the greatest employers, mentor and landscapers we have ever known. He not only was able to see that we were capable of being more than just workers, but that we had an eye for landscaping and a passion. He moved us forward in his business allowing us to grow, giving us the faith, freedom, and the tools to do so. Seattle was where we learned our foundations for landscaping; how to layout a functional and aesthetically pleasing landscape, provide upscale customer service, properly prune trees and identify plant species. The list of positives things this man taught us go beyond just work and for him we are forever grateful. So thank you Brian Grunkemeier of Sunset Landscape & Design! Ever since leaving Sunset Landscape we have been missing the small business feel. We have noticed its so much easier to develop good customer relationships and good customer service when there isn’t so much bureaucracy. In the end, the customer is happier with the job and we are happier with the work. It’s these values that are the backbone of good business and that is what we wanted to create with Perennial Landscape Co. We want our business to grow with our community and family, to give back and make this a better place to live. Lets get to work.

Samuel and Elijah Heminger

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